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Product development

TRAKETCH® membranes by SABEU are mainly used for the filtration as well as for venting in a number of applications and markets - predominantly in the medical technology, laboratory analysis, bio technology as well as the chemical and pharmaceutical packaging, the automotive and electronics industries.

The properties of ion track membranes (track etch) can be adjusted to match the specific application, and, as a result of the manufacturing process, they are always characterized by a pore structure that is uniform and within close tolerances. The pore sizes can vary from 0.03 µm to 15 µm. 

With TRAKETCH® membranes performance data such as air flow and water pressure can be adjusted in accordance with the requirements of the application within the scope of the technical specifications. The membranes can then be further processed by SABEU, e.g. welded in plastic components.

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