SABEU - Plastics and Membrane Technology

Tel: +49 5551 9101-00

Tailor-made solutions, mature standards

SABEU is a leading system provider of membranes and molded components. We are cooperating with our customers to resolve current challenges in healthcare, life sciences and the chemical industry, in order to offer ideal solutions. This has allowed us to hold our ground for decades and to position ourselves for the future.

SABEU’s areas of expertise are injection molding and filtration.  For this purpose, we develop products based on customer specifications, manufacture serial products and components and set our own standards with our FLUXX® product line.

Our work is based on the knowledge and understanding of material and component behavior. What’s more: we are specialists in mechanical engineering. These are the foundations for the design and manufacture of cost-optimized complete engineering solutions that guarantee the highest degree of quality, reliability and functional safety.

We look forward to exchanging ideas with you.